Recap of 2011 Season

A few highlights only:

Wesley Tabernacle Reopened – Thank you to the Capen, Shumate, Hager and Thomphsen Family.

The Hotel Heritage room was redecorated, thanks to Woman’s Auxiliary.

A new water main was installed and is working. We are now able to move forward with the elevation project.

June blew in with a major wind storm. It brought down many trees but with volunteers we cut down broken trees, picked up branches and moved on.

Dalton, Gigget Plachno’s grandson brought a youthful face into the campground. He was with us all summer and worked the whole time. We hope Dalton will be back in 2012.

The Board of Trustees worked very hard to develop a strategic plan for the campground this year.

Dee Hilbert (and hubby Gary who did all the painting etc.) has been very busy renovating her family cottage. Knock on the door, I’m sure she will be glad to show it to you.

At the Farewell Banquet we had the Official Ground Breaking Ceremony for the Elevation Project with Mayor Marty Moylan.

Don Allen, our architect, is in the process of drawing the final plans for the cottages on the elevation list. Then he will be working on the completion of the bid package.

This was a year of ups and downs a year of change and a year of moving forward. The campground is alive and vital to the community. As the theme of our Farewell Banquet was “THIS IS A TIME OF NEW BEGINNINGS”.

Thank you everyone how contributed in any way to make the 2011 Summer Season a wonderful success.

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