Des Plaines City Council Passes IEMA Resolution

The Des Plaines City Council passed an amended resolution allowing the camp ground to receive funding to elevate 14 cottages.

It has been a long time coming. While the camp ground on the banks of the Des Plaines River has always been prone to flooding, the situation has only become worse as the northwest suburbs of Chicago have developed from farmland into cities. In 2002, Des Plaines had investigated removing the campground for flood detention purposes. In 2005, the campgrounds were placed on the National Register of Historic Places to help qualify for flood mitigation and planning began to raise cottages by 2 to 8 feet, out of the way of damaging flood waters, on solid foundations, and freeing space for flood storage. In 2006, the campground received grant for elevation and flood mitigation from the Illinois Emergency Management Agency.

The need for change became all the more apparent after the disastrous flooding in 2007 and 2008. Fortunately, the City of Des Plaines applied for a Federal Emergency Management Agency Flood Mitigation Assistance Program grant through IEMA to elevate an initial 14 cottages; the grant was finally awarded in 2009. The city of Des Plaines administers the grant to the cottage owners, who are responsible for the balance of the project. The city itself is not responsible for paying any part of this project.

While the City Council initially passed this agreement in June, 2009, it was confirmed in 2011, further changes both to the agreement and campground were necessary to begin work. We hope to get started soon!

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